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Glorious Treason

by: C. J. Ryan

Tagline: Is one small planet worth the greatest crime in the galaxy?

I enjoyed the book. This is the first book by this author that I've read and it certainly will have me going back for another. The main character Gloria Vandeen previously appeared in Dextra, which I haven't read. I probably won't go back an read Dextra any time soon, because C.J. Ryan refers back to that episode in Gloria's life frequently. So I really needed to read the books in order.

In any case, Gloria Vandeen is dispatched to a planet that is sparsly populated, but contains some beautiful geography. Unfortunately it also contains a rare element that has mining companies wanted to raze the hills and destroy the beauty. Gloria has a choice, commit treason to save the planet or follow her orders and open the planet for mining. She makes the right choice, but not without some personal pain, not just for her but also for her co-workers.